March 2016: Exploring the Diversity of Educational Attainment in New Jersey

In our series of posts for the month of March, we will explore how educational attainment is distributed throughout New Jersey. Just as in some of our past posts, we will be using the Diversity Index to measure the diversity and segregation of different educational groups. For this analysis, we have divided the population of adults 25 and older from particular geographies into four mutually exclusive and non-overlapping groups based on their educational attainment. These four educational attainment groups are as follows: 1) those without a high school diploma, 2) those with a high school diploma and no college, 3) those with some college or an associate’s degree, and 4) those with a bachelor’s degree or higher. The proportion of the population in each group was used to calculate the Diversity Index. In this case, the Diversity Index ranges from 0.00 to 75.00, with higher values indicating greater diversity in attainment groups.