Areas of Concentration

As a research institute focused on generating useable knowledge, the Cornwall Center has four main concentration areas:

Applied Research
The Cornwall Center engages in applied research covering its target location. The target location includes both Newark as the core city, as well as the larger metropolitan region in which Newark is embedded. To ensure a clear focus and impact, our research is concentrated in economic development, neighborhood security, health, and education.

Policy Research
One of the Cornwall Center’s central missions is to promote research that can help improve social and economic outcomes in urban and metropolitan areas. The Cornwall Center works closely with communities, philanthropic organizations, and the public sector to increase the body of knowledge about what works in urban and regional policy development through the utilization of appropriate research methods.

Urban and Metropolitan Research
The Cornwall Center was founded to serve as a link between Rutgers faculty and the Newark community. Our hope is that, through this process, both our research methodology and the community’s development outcomes will see significant improvement. In order to accomplish this, the Cornwall Center develops research projects involving faculty and supports faculty papers that have an urban or regional focus. 

Convening Newark Stakeholders
The Cornwall Center also serves as a convening hub for Newark stakeholders and institutions interested in the positive development of the community. As such, we facilitate talks, symposia, and other gatherings that focus on the advancement of Newark and/or the larger region. The Cornwall Center develops event programming involving the community, Rutgers faculty, and others with an informed voice on urban and regional issues.