June 2016: Immigration in New Jersey

June 24, 2016: Languages Spoken at Home in New Jersey's Neighborhoods

In this week’s post, we will explore the different languages spoken at home in the neighborhoods of New Jersey. While not synonymous with foreign birth, speaking languages other than English at home can indicate the presence of individuals who immigrated to the United States at some time.

June 17, 2016: World Region of Birth of New Jersey's Foreign-Born Population

In this week’s post, we will explore the world regions from which New Jersey’s foreign-born populations originate. Last week, we show

June 10, 2016: New Jersey's Foreign-Born Population and their Period of Entry

In this week’s post, we will explore New Jersey’s foreign-born population by their period of entry into the United States.

June 2, 2016: Number and Proportion of Foreign-Born Residents

Our first post on this topic of immigration will focus on the number of foreign-born residents residing in the state of New Jersey and throughout its neighborhoods, as well as the proportion of the total population they comprise. Throughout the state’s history, and especially around the turn of the twentieth century, great surges of immigrants contributed to rapid population growth in New Jersey’s urban areas.