March 2016: Exploring the Diversity of Educational Attainment in New Jersey

March 17, 2016: Exploring Educational Segregation in New Jersey's Counties

In this post, we conclude our exploration into diversity of educational attainment to understand if our counties are segregated in terms of the educational attainment of their adult population. Segregation is a product of the relationship between a county’s overall diversity and its neighborhood diversity. Therefore, to understand the level of segregation a county exhibits, we have examined the difference between every county’s two Diversity Index Scores.

March 8, 2016: Exploring Educational Diversity in New Jersey's Neighborhoods

In this post, we dive deeper to explore diversity in education attainment levels in New Jersey’s neighborhoods. This exercise will add context to the results seen in our last post and will help us begin to understand not only if counties are diverse, with respect to different educational attainment groups, but also if the same type of diversity is seen within a county’s neighborhoods. 

March 1, 2016: Exploring Educational Diversity in New Jersey's Counties

In our series of posts for the month of March, we will explore how educational attainment is distributed throughout New Jersey. Just as in some of our past posts, we will be using the Diversity Index to measure the diversity and segregation of different educational groups. For this analysis, we have divided the population of adults 25 and older from particular geographies into four mutually exclusive and non-overlapping groups based on their educational attainment.