The mission of the Joseph C. Cornwall Center for Metropolitan Studies is to research and analyze complex issues facing urban areas, primarily metropolitan Newark and northern New Jersey, and ultimately generate solutions to those challenges. We accept that, in a globalized world, the prosperity of our region is intertwined with other regions. As such, our mission and geographic reach recognize that we have to incorporate the wider study of global trends and developments as they impact our region. The Center and its staff accomplish our mission by:

  • Promoting and conducting scholarly research on the evolution of cities and metropolitan places.
  • Encouraging applied policy research that will improve public policies and expand opportunity structures for communities and people in the region.
  • Sharing knowledge and facilitating the exchange of ideas among all stakeholders.
  • Encouraging informed community voice in shaping public policy.
  • Working with our colleagues throughout the Rutgers University system to harness the institution’s rich experience, scholarship, and commitment in service of urban and metropolitan communities.